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Easter Eggs - Episode 1

Easter Eggs - Episode 1


Hey gamerz!

It’s summer…….. it’s hot……. and we’re launching a new internet radio show called Easter Eggs! A monthly show hosted by Funké and Max all about showcasing solid video game sounds and casually unpacking the game news that people care about.

Give this episode a listen to catch up on the latest gamer news + listen to some sick ass beats to study/work/chill to haha…… lol…….. but seriously this mix goes so hard you gotta listen. Feel free to let us know what you think! You may even find a hidden gem of a track, kind of like an EASTER EGG! Get it!!!! Like from video games?..

Anyways, thanks for supporting us as always and we love u! Later gamers :^)

Check it out on Soundcloud!

Tracklist Below:

Try Being Yourself This Time - shaliek

April City - Calum Bowen

April City (Maxo Grassmix) - Calum Bowen

Midnight Pretenders - Tomoko Aran

A Way of Life - Mayumi Fujita

Selfish High Heels (w/ harrison & マクロスMACROSS 82-99) - Yung Bae

Not a Single Question - Yung Bae

Beach - Tim Follin

Lay it Down - Steelix

Treasure Trove Cove - Grant Kirkhope

Jenova - Nobuo Uematsu

Artist’s House - Calum Bowen

Free Money - Calum Bowen

Stage 1 - Akito Nakatsuka

Rainbow Road - Kenta Nagata

Bob’s Pizza - Osamu Murata, Ryuchi Iuchi, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Takeshi Yanagawa and Yuzo Koshiro

Under the Ocean - Hidenori Shoji

Dear Friends - Serani Poji

Houston Re - KIRINJI

White Land - Yumiko Kanki & Naoto Ishida

Massimo’s Theme - Setsuo Yamamoto, Makoto Tomozawa, Yuki Iwai, Yuko Takehara & Toshihiko Horiyama

Karmotrine Dream - Garoad

We are Burning Rangers - Naofumi Hataya

Say Goodbye - Hiroshi Sato

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