Play Underground! is a web magazine about video games(+) for people who like fun.

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Who We Are

Welcome to your new favourite multi-media web magazine……… Play Underground!

We’re an online collaboration between marginalized editors spanning from coast to coast. Here you can catch us talking way too in-depth about pop culture, or diving into wild internet subcultures, or unpacking games in a unique, and more.

We always strive to be curious, critical, and have a goof.

Thank you, honestly. For all of your support throughout all of our mediums! We love you gamers

A cool hub that makes content in many forms – from words and audio, to videos and visuals. We out here.

Our editors:

Farouk Kannout - Entertainment Editor

Meleah Bennett - Managing Editor

Max Jarrett - Lead Designer

Daniel Decolongon - Social Editor

Funké Joseph - Editor-in-Chief

Francine - Digest Editor

Our writers:

David Cole

Gary Walker

Sage Larson

Our artists:

Cal - Cover

August - Features